To see a World in a Grain of Sand. And a Heaven in a Wild Flower – William Blake

Mediumistic Drawing by Anna Hackel, 1934

Welcome to which aims to celebrate the art of visionaries, mediums, psychics and the spiritually inspired. Recent attention from the art world has paved the way for mediumistic and visionary artists such as Hilma af Klint, Georgiana Houghton and Emma Kunz to evoke awe and respect from a wider audience. This website will document the history of this overlooked genre and rediscover the many other creators who offer a glimpse into the otherworldly.

Visit our artists page to find further information on individual creators and their contribution to the overall history of spirit inspired art including examples of images and biographical details. This category will continually be updated as more research is underway and exciting new discoveries will undoubtedly come to light. We welcome names of artists you think should be represented here, examples of images can be sent to We are also interested in seeing anonymous works which we can work towards identifying. Research is one of our main aims for

Part of this research can be seen in our new ‘discovering collections series which investigates historical collections of other-worldly art, photographs and artefacts from around the globe. Through an ongoing series of interviews and articles you can discover more about these inspired collections and will enjoy seeing some spellbinding images.

Other categories on our site include exhibitions and events which will offer a comprehensive list of shows or gatherings that have taken place since the mid 19th century to the present day which have given a platform to spirit art. It will also include future events so please send in press releases or relevant details.

Our publications category will record books, articles, news and exhibition reviews that include the spiritually inspired as well as scholarly papers on the subject. Over time we hope that this will develop into a hub of thoughts and debates on spirit art and in particular its contribution to art history.

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