The Discovering Collections series celebrates historical collections of art, photographs and artefacts from around the globe, as well as the invaluable archives and research collated by experts in this specialised field. These are not ordinary collections. They concentrate on the extraordinary, the other-worldly, spirit inspired, mediumistic, psychic, visionary, automatic and the surreal. Through this series of interviews and articles you can discover more about these inspired collections and will undoubtedly enjoy seeing some spellbinding images.

Our first interview to launch Discovering Collections was an exclusive look at a collection from the Czech Republic that focuses on the work of the Silesian spirit artists, including the incredible Josef Kotzian. We move to Canada for Part two and learn more about the automatic drawings of enigmatic artist, Alma Rumball and in Part Three we take a look at Italian mediumistic art through a collection of case studies from renowned author and parapsychologist, Paola Giovetti. These are interviews you won’t want to miss! Scroll down and press on the thumbnails below to see the full feature. If you would like to find our more information on some of the artists mentioned in these interviews please visit our artists page.

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