The Appourchaux Art photography Project would like support to publish the recently discovered unseen photographs and portraits of the mediumistic artist Augustin Lesage and his artworks from 1925-54. They were taken by the artist’s friend and neighbour Désiré Appourchaux from the 1920s-50s. 

This important series of a hundred glass plates (old photo negatives) presents Lesage’s canvases at the time of their conception and finalization, and also presents some unpublished portraits of the mysterious miner turned painter and spirit medium who was guided by “the voices”. The photographic plates were inherited by the photographer’s great grandson who would like to honour the legacy by creating an exhibition of the unpublished black and white photographs, and a catalogue of this unique photographic collection. The catalogue will be accompanied by a text that will give the historical and biographical elements establishing the link between the two men, but will above all be a poetic essay on the traces left by our ancestors, grandfathers of blood or spirit.

Désiré’s great grandson, Stéphane Appourchaux is looking for help to fund this project on a crowdfunding platform  – Appourchaux/Lesage Art Photography Project

For more information on Augustin Lesage see the following exhibition.